surrender to me

Set aside what you think you know about BDSM. My expression of dominance is unlike most and does not fit into stereotypes. It doesn’t involve yelling, name calling, honorifics or crotch high boots. I have no interest in you submitting to me out of fear or self loathing.  Your surrender to me should be inspired by lust; by an insatiable need to give up control and let me lead you into my world. 

Bondage, role play, impact play (flogging, singletails, canes, paddles), sensory deprivation/overload, a variety of fetishes, tease and denial, service, medical play, chastity and psychological/cerebral play are all interests of mine. Wrestling, cross dressing/feminization, and humiliation/degradation are not.

Sensuality is a key element of my approach, but when properly inspired I can be cold, detached, demanding, even cruel. The depth of my experience makes me an appropriate play partner for novices and experts alike. Masochists, submissives, fetishists, those who just want to try out a blindfold and a set of cuffs: I welcome all of you to explore with me.

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