1) What kind of person are you best matched with?

Friends describe me as warm, witty and joyful, and I find I’m most compatible with those who are generally happy sorts themselves. Considerate, thoughtful and confident people are a great fit with me. I’m a pleasure seeker and aim to get every drop of joy out life that I can. If you feel that way, too, then we will get along quite well! Those who know what they desire and aren't afraid to go after it: step to the front of the line.

I do not have a gender preference, and while it is not a hard and fast rule, I tend to connect best with those over 35.

2) Why is your face cropped out of your pictures? Are you hiding something? Will you send me a picture of your face?

I’m a private person, and have removed it to protect my privacy (and yours). Private photos aren’t an option so you will have to wait until we meet to see the whole package. A little mystery can make things that much more exciting!

While I’m not hiding them, I’ve also removed my tasteful tattoos to further protect my privacy. They are easily covered should it be necessary for social outings.

3) Your rates aren’t in my price range. Are they negotiable?

My rates are set in stone. If they aren’t what you have in mind, there are many excellent providers who may better suit your needs.

4) I noticed you’re interested in kinks, fetishes and BDSM. I’m not. Will we still be a good fit?

Yes, absolutely! I don’t need those things to enjoy my time with you. If you’re a kind, respectful individual that is all that is needed for us to have a great date. 

5) I’m interested in kinks, fetishes and BDSM. You seem like a sweet, affectionate person. Will you be able to go beyond “kink light”?

While I am more of a lover than a fighter, I have an extensive background in most things kink and can combine sensuality and intensity to create scenes that will challenge even the most experienced player.

That said, I also offer lighter scenes when appropriate. Whether I’m the top or the bottom, I can adjust my play style to match yours.

6) I’d like you to wear something specific for our date.  Do you take wardrobe requests? Can I bring something for you to wear?

I’d love nothing more than to wear something that suits your fancy and happily accept wardrobe requests. 

If you’d like to provide something for me to wear, I wear a size 2/4 dress, size small in panties, suspender belts and stockings and a 32C bra. My shoe size is 6 for heels, 6.5 for boots.

7) I don’t live in Chicago, but I’d love to meet you. Can I fly you to my city or to accompany me on a trip?

Yes, you can! All the details on travel dates can be found here.

8) I’d like an experience that isn’t rushed. Are you a clock watcher?

There won’t be a buzzer that goes off, but your date will be limited to the time scheduled. If you’re interested in an on-going arrangement or a clock free experience, please inquire via email.

9) You’re not on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. How am I supposed to get a feel for who you are or know what you’re up to?

I’m a busy woman and I prefer good old fashioned in person interaction over virtually detailing my day to day goings on. If you’d like to get a feel for my personality, explore this site. If you’d like to know what I’ve been up to, schedule a date! My stories are much better told when you can see the sparkle in my eyes.

10) Do you offer references?

I’m happy to provide a reference for those I’ve spent time with in the last six months. Please be mindful of your reference requests; if we've only met once or twice, I'm not a good pick for your next 12 references. Please send me a note letting me know who I should be expecting the request from so that I know it’s ok to divulge how wonderful you are!

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