1 hour 500
1.5 hours 700
2 hours 900
3 hours 1200
6 hours 1800
8 hours 2300
14 hours 3500
24 hours 4500
Each additional day 3000

Connecting During Covid-19

In light of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, I am offering connections through text, calls and handwritten letters. 

One handwritten letter per week/Four per month: 100/350

Texts for a week/texts for a month: 350/800

Calls: 200 per hour

Dates are not limited to these options; please inquire via email for rates if your preference isn't listed. For couples dates, please add 150 per hour to the listed rate.

Location & Local Travel

I entertain friends at a discreet location near downtown Chicago. I know that getting to the city can be difficult, so if you don't live in the city, let me handle the commute for you. Dates in cities within an hour of Chicago are available for no additional cost; dates in Illinois cities more than an hour away from Chicago are available for date length minimum dependent on the distance. Dates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are available for meetings of 3 hours or longer; in Madison, Wisconsin for meetings of 6 hours or longer; Indianapolis, Indiana and Detroit, Michigan for meetings of 8 hours or longer plus a travel fee.

Domestic & International Travel

Whether it is to join you on a trip or to meet you in your home city, bringing me to you is always an option. Domestic travel is available for dates of 14 hours or more; international travel for dates of 48 hours or more, plus flight, airport transportation and overnight accomodations. If we'll be in a city that is new to you or if you'd like to discover hidden gems in your hometown, I am happy to do research on things to do, see and eat so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Flexible Time Arrangement

If you’ve got more resources than time, consider my flexible time arrangement. Designed for those who have unpredictable schedules, this structure will allow you to choose one or more days a month that you’d like me to set aside for you. I’ll spend my day getting ready for you and anxiously awaiting your company, and you can come and go as your schedule suits you. While it doesn’t free us from the calendar entirely, it takes the pressure of the clock away and allows both of us to be completely on your time. The consideration for this varies depending on your needs; please inquire via email.

Exclusive Arrangement

For the man who wants me all to himself, I can offer an exclusive arrangement. I would dedicate my time and energy to you as needed and you would be the only suitor in my life. If this is of interest, please schedule a date to discuss details.


Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to cancel, please do so as promptly as possible. If you cancel two days before our appointment date, half of the rate of the missed appointment is due as a cancellation fee; a cancellation made one day or less before our will require payment of the full rate.


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